Monday, January 4, 2010

New Beginnings

I love this time of year! Mostly because I have it ingrained in my mind that January is the time for new beginnings. (Heaven forbid I make any goals or resolutions in September.) For me, a new year means a clean slate and I love that feeling.

I will be more patient and loving with my children, I will actually stick to a budget, I will keep the house a little cleaner, and I WILL START EXERCISING. I have to, actually, because I signed up to run a 10K in March. A race and fear of being the last to cross the finish line, or not crossing it at all, seems to actually motivate me. But will the motivation continue after the race?

I've decided that this year I need a slightly new perspective. It would be nice to have this "fresh start" feeling remain throughout the entire year. Like perhaps creating one new resolution at the start of every month, rather than all right now. Or writing them down. I have friends who create a long list at the beginning of each new year and post it somewhere, like their bathroom mirror. I don't know, but I'm determined to do something different in the hopes that by January 2011, I can give myself a thumbs up rather than try to recall when or where I dropped the ball.

If you are a goal-maker, what's your process? I would love to hear how everyone combats the new year with all of it's resolution expectations, and I confess, I could use some fresh ideas to go with that fresh start.


  1. I'm a list-a-holic so I break my goals up into categories, like Health, Spirituality, Writing, Family, etc. This year I'm going to try writing my big goals down, and break them down into baby goals that I can work on each month to work up to the big goals. Then you build on your previous successes.

  2. Thanks, Jaime! Not only is it a great idea but I'm also grateful for the comment. Every time I post I feel like I'm writing to a brick wall. :)