Thursday, March 25, 2010

For all you visiting teaching procrastinators out there . . .

If you're like me, you wait until the very last week, sometimes even day, to get that visiting teaching done--even going so far as to show up unannounced on a doorstep with a treat or handout in hand. Yes, I have been known to be such a slacker. C'mon--who hasn't at some point?

I know, I know. There are some of you amazing people out there that perpetually schedule visits for the first of every month. If you fall into that category, I heartily congratulate you! If you are like me, well, feel free to click on the "bookmark" to your left, copy and paste it into a word document, and print it on card stock or photo paper. The lesson this month is on scripture study, so a bookmark is only fitting, right? Then cut them out and wallah--a ready handout for you to drop by your lucky visit-teachees. :)

And if you don't like the bookmark idea--feel free to make cookies! Or better yet, buy them!

Simplify, people! Simplify.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Free at last . . .

I'm finally free from constant manuscript hang-over! If you have absolutely no idea what I'm talking about . . . well, let me explain. In January, I finished writing my second book. With the end (submission) in sight, I used every spare moment working on revisions. Twenty minutes here and ten minutes there. Two or three hours after the kids went to bed, or at least until I couldn't see or think straight any longer. It was like a grimy little black cloud was following me around, refusing to disperse. My house became increasingly messy, dinners became ridiculously simple and unhealthy, and I was running behind on just about everything. Basically, I was DISTRACTED--more so than usual.

Well, that all ends today. Why? Because today is a new beginning, free from the constraints of that all-consuming manuscript. Free to blog, free to clean, free to cook, free to read, free to watch tv or play a game with my hubby after the kids are in bed.

Today marks the day that I have officially passed along my book to the publisher. I finally decided that enough was enough, so last night I printed it out, filled out the forms, and gladly passed it off to someone else.

Now I realize that in 1-3 months I could get it right back, along with a letter telling me it's no good or asking me to rework, but for the next 1-3 months, I am a free woman! I am, in essence, liberated!