Saturday, May 15, 2010

How to Remove Crayon from Clothes . . .

You'd think after dealing with crayon stains so many times, I would learn to check the pockets. But alas, I'm to lazy, forgetful, preoccupied, whatever you want to call it. I didn't, and today it was a vivid orange and green that appeared scattered throughout a load of what consisted mostly of my husband's shirts. I told him to look at the sweet face of our two-year-old, whose pants also ended up in the same load, but that didn't cheer him up any. Not a good sign.

So back to the internet I went, hoping to find a new cure for this pre-existing condition in my household. You see, I've tried many a "cure" before, with only failed attempts--resulting in the burial of many a clothes. And unfortunately, like before, Google provide no new answers. Shame on you, Google!

I was preparing to tell my husband the bad news when my brilliant fairy-godmother-in-law called. She asked how our day was going, I shared with her the news of my latest disaster, and wallah, she mentioned the name of an antidote. Just like that. Like it was no big secret.


Re-enthused, I spritzed the clothes with this miracle product, let them sit for twenty minutes, and washed them on a hot, stain-cycle setting. An hour or two later, I was almost afraid to pull them from the washer, thinking it couldn't possibly be so easy. But it was! Honestly, I didn't even have to scrub a thing. The crayon stains had vanished! No joke.

My mother-in-law is a genius. I wonder what other secrets she has up her sleeve?


  1. Good to know! We are getting past the crayon stage, but ballpoint pens exploding is another subject. Jeff's mom have any ideas on that?

  2. Hmmm-I would've loved that info a couple of months ago, but I'm sure it'll be useful in the future too!

  3. You're kidding, that's it? I've thrown away how many loads of clothes? Sheesh! At least now I know. :) Thanks!

  4. No kidding! I've googled...I've attempted many things to no avail. All along I've had goo gone in my cupboard! I hope D.I. knows how to get crayon out...because they got all of our donated clothes!