Monday, May 24, 2010

Let it Snow!

Thinking of the words to one of my favorite Christmas songs isn't helping ease the frustration of the current weather conditions taking place outside my window. It's almost June and it's snowing--the kind that sticks. My front lawn has already accumulated a good inch or so, and the mountains surrounding my home are covered in white. It really is quite a beautiful scene, just completely out of place.

My kids are stir-crazy, and so am I. Our skies, sleds, and snowboards have been shelved and we have been ready and waiting for spring for two months now. We want parks and slides, sprinklers and water guns, swimming pools and outdoor fun. We want to take our neglected boat to the lake and tube and wakeboard and wakesurf. We want to go on walks, ride bikes, hike, and fly kites. We want to expose our bodies to that blessed Vitamin D.

Instead, we get more cool weather and the previously mentioned snow. What in the world?

But then I think how grateful I am to have a warm home and a family to share it with. How grateful I am to have my health and kids free from illness. How grateful I am to have hot chocolate mix and marshmallows in my pantry. And how grateful I am to have the knowledge that Heavenly Father is out there, mindful of our wants and needs.

And then I think, maybe, just maybe, there's a reason for this snow after all.

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  1. :) It's funny how living in Southern Utah grants nice and warm weather continuously. However, today it dropped from 90 degree weather to 70's and it seemed freezing! Quite interesting how the weather changes throughout various places in the state/world. I love your post... it truly humbled me and has helped me be grateful for whatever weather we receive. You're right, Heavenly Father does know our circumstances better then we do! :)