Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Young Women Graduate Gift

My sister's YW presidency thought of this fun note to go with a candy bar bouquet for the graduating Laurels in their ward. Since I love to design things, they asked me to make it look cute. I happily complied and well, here's the end result . . .

If you like, just click on the image to enlarge, save it to your computer, open it in anything from MS Word to Adobe Photoshop, shrink or enlarge it to the size you want, and wallah--an almost ready-made gift. Guaranteed to please any sweet-toothed teenager.

All you'll need is the assortment of candy bars listed, shish-kabob sticks, and a vase or tissue paper to wrap around them. The bag to the left was created using a Ziplock bag filled with rice (for weight), some green foam (the kind used for artificial plants), and sticks hot-glued to the back of the candy bars.

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