Sunday, September 19, 2010

Something About Bookstores . . .

There's just something about bookstores isn't there? I get a similar feeling when I walk into a library, but it still can't top a bookstore for me, with rows and rows of fresh, new books waiting to be perused.

Yesterday, as I walked into Barnes and Noble, I tried to figure out what caused me to feel this way. Is it because I adore reading? The calming atmosphere? The positive energy? The neatly stacked shelves of beautifully covered books? Most likely a bit of everything. But whatever the reason, I could easily spend all day there and never get bored.

In fact, someday, if I ever go back to having a regular day job, I might just go to work for a bookstore. What a lovely place to be.


  1. I worked in a bookstore as a teenager. I'd love that job again someday.
    Wanted to let you know I'm featuring your book in a giveaway on my blog tomorrow.

  2. It's the smell of a room full of new books that I love. The clean odor of fresh ink on paper and the glue holding the binding together, that, plus the promise of a million adventures waiting to greet me. . . those are the things that I love about a bookstore.

    Now a used bookstore is a slightly different experience. They are mostly dark and dank, and dirty. Walking into one of those smells musty like a long forgotten coat stuck away in the back of a storage closet, still usable but unpleasant. Of course, they can surprise me with hidden treasures when I look hard enough, kind of like finding a five dollar bill tucked away in the coat pocket.

  3. I'm a little backwards, when it comes to bookstores. I love the idea of them. I love books, and love learning new things.

    But I get overwhelmed in bookstores. There are too many options. I was once given a $100 gift card to B&N (I know, generous!), and I had a hard time spending it. How can you narrow it down? How do you pick which books to buy. It makes my head spin just thinking about it.