Sunday, October 3, 2010

General Conference

I love general conference. Even though my kids can be disruptive, I still manage to come away feeling happier and more motivated to do better. And although every talk has the potential to touch me--and typically does when I am able to listen, there are those that I resort to desperate measures to be able to hear. Whether it be locking myself in my room or bribing the kids, I do what it takes to get them to be quiet long enough for me to hear those words that never fail to impact me.

Elder Jeffrey R. Holland. Wow. Doesn't he just make you feel like you've been hugged? Wrapped in a warm blanket with a tummy full of hot chocolate. I love hearing that man speak. He manages to make me come away feeling not that I should do better or need to do better, but that I want to do better. I love him for that. President Uchtdorf, same thing. There is no one else I know that can compare the rings on a tree and flying an aircraft to the same gospel principle. I am always captivated by his words and his humor.

And of course: President Thomas S. Monson. Back in my childhood days when I used to think general conference was far too long and the speakers boring, there was always one apostle I loved to hear. One apostle that I was excited to see his face on the screen. The stories he tells, the spirit he brings, and the love he conveys always penetrates my heart. I could listen to him for hours and never get bored. He has that unique capability to reach and touch both the old and the young and he will always hold a special place in my heart.

I am grateful for the prophet, for the apostles, and for the church leaders. For people who are willing to stand and lead--to testify of Christ and fight for the good of this world. For people who dedicate the majority of their time to this cause, and do it because of their great capacity to love.


  1. Every time General Conference comes around again, I feel like saying, "ah, just in time."

  2. Conference was amazing, well it always is. I love walking away feeling so uplifted.

  3. I love conference too! It's funny that your two favorite speakers, are my favorites as well! :) Thank you for sharing your love and enthusiasm for conference. Glad you had a wonderful weekend listening to it :)

  4. I loved the talk about noble characters! My 10 yr old noticed that agency was a theme. I noticed faith and my son noticed pride. I thought it was interesting what my children picked up from conference.