Thursday, November 4, 2010

What's Cookin'?

It's not that I hate cooking, it's more that I despise thinking about what to cook. If I were more organized, I'd plan out a menu, maybe even shop for actual ingredients so I have them on hand. And there are some weeks I'm determined to plan. I pull out a pen from my disorganized draw, rustle up some scratch paper, and sit down with some recipe books or But then I realize I'm back to where I started and actually have to decide on something to make.

Will it really taste good? Will it be a major pain to make? Will my children hate it? (the answer to this is almost always yes) Will I take the time to write down the ingredients I need for the recipe and actually remember to buy them? (the answer to this is usually no).

At that point I toss the pen aside and hope inspiration will strike the next day by 4:00. Even 5:00. Why can't I be more like those amazing people out there who love to cook, love to try new recipes, or love to make up their own recipes? I suppose it's not in my genes. Maybe someday, if I watch enough cooking shows or read enough recipe books. Maybe. At least that's the hope.

The good news is that not all of the cooking genes passed me by. I do love to bake! Perhaps we should start having dessert for dinner.


  1. Rachael I feel your pain! I feel as if I were the one writing your post! SAME exact feelings! If you figure out the trick, let me know! :)

  2. In this regard, we are complete opposites. I love to cook dinner! But I grew up with the most amazing food. Thus my struggle to maintain a slim waistline but I detest baking! I always get covered in flour and manage to dirty every bowl and spoon in the house. I'd rather have an ice-cream sundae most of the time anyway. Tell you what, I'll give you some of my favorite dinner recipes and in return, you can bake my family a cake. ;-)

  3. Thanks, Lauren! It's so nice to feel validated. Jessica, deal! :)

  4. I'm not a huge fan of cooking, but the stress of not knowing what's for dinner well in advance is too much for me. So I am one of those women who plans a menu, then shops for the required items. That way the meat is pulled out of the freezer on time, and I'm not stressed all day thinking about it.

  5. Dessert for dinner actually sounds pretty good. That or pizza. ;)
    I signed up for Gratitude Giveaways too. I plan on giving away one of Kim Coates soon to be released...well maybe I shouldn't say what she's releasing until she releases it, but I bet you already know. Have a great week!