Thursday, December 23, 2010

33 Habits of a Really Good Man by Yvonne Swinson

Although the title says "man," this is really a book for everyone. Filled with thought-provoking quotes and heart-warming, humorous stories, this little gem of a book is one that will stay on your mind long after you put it down. It will inspire you to think, make you laugh, and motivate you to be better. I loved this book by Yvonne Swinson.

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I also wanted everyone to get to know Yvonne Swinson, so I've asked her a few questions:

Me: You're a gymnast instructor, hiker, and homeschooler. Not to mention writer. AND you have five kids. I'm thinking someone could write a book about you entitled, "100 Habits of a Really Awesome Woman." If they were to include a humorous tale about one of your many hiking adventures, which one would they tell?

Yvonne: Actually, I have 6 kids now!! So we'll have to title that "101 Habits of a Really Awesome, Sometimes Desperate Woman."

Probably the most humorous (in hindsight) hike we've ever had would be the hike-with-terrible-directions hike we took in Kanaraville, Utah. I had all five of mine on board, one hitched to my back, plus two neighbors' kids whose parents would have never have let them come had they known what we were in for. Somehow we misunderstood the "when you get to the little electrical box, take to the stream" instruction that we received.

We "took to the stream" about a mile too soon, (that WAS an electrical box, wasn't it???), wading up to our knees, falling to our bums, and scratching our faces on low-hanging branches for two hours before all 7 kids erupted into loud choruses of "Can we PLEASE go home now?" I wanted to see the slot canyon and waterfall. We agreed to ten more minutes. Eleven minutes later, we rounded a turn and found a real live person who encouraged us to endure for about fifteen more yards.... and then the whole nightmare was worth it. Proof that we reached the slot canyon attached. I think the camera battery must've died without a waterfall picture. If you ever want to try this quiet, out-of the way, under-populated hike, call me for directions.

Me: It sounds and looks beautiful, so I make take you up on that one of these years. (Only if you're sure you remember, of course. :)) Now, your book is filled to the brim with WONDERFUL quotes--ones I want to print in vinyl lettering and cover the walls of a room in my house with them. In fact, I scanned through the book to list one of my favorites, but I honestly couldn't pick just one. They are all so good. So I've decided to make you pick instead--I'll let you choose three. Good luck. :)

Yvonne: Perhaps we could just put them all in a row without periods and call it one quote? There are actually hundreds more in Dad's little book and it was tough enough screening it down to the few you find in the pages of the book. Nevertheless, I won't back down from a good challenge, so here you go:
1- "God has created us with two ends: one to think with and one to sit on. Heads you win, tails you lose." Unknown
2- "Do all the good you can, in all the ways you can, in all the places you can, and all the times you can, to all the people you can, for as long as you ever can" John Wesley
3- "I love you" Dad and lots of other good folks

Me: Ooh, I love all of those. Great choices! Now I know you moved around a lot growing up and you enjoy traveling, so if you could choose any one of the places you have lived (or visited) over the years, where would choose to stop and stay for awhile?

Yvonne: WOW, there are so many places I'd like to live - as long as I didn't have to stay forever. The most exciting place I've ever been is to the Holy Land. It was a life-changing experience to visit there this past Spring. My husband gave it to me as a (cough cough) 40th birthday present. I hope someday I can go back and live there for a year or so - right at the BYU Jerusalem Center, thank you (hint, hint). Then on the way home, I'd like to stop in Tortola for another year or so - blue sky, white sand, blue water - my kind of heaven. After that, I think I'd move right back to where I am now. Southern Utah is one of the most beautiful, friendly, wonderful places on earth.

Me: Although I've never met your father, after reading your book, I now think the world of him. In fact, my favorite story had to be when your dad installed a speaker behind the grill of his station wagon and wired it to a CB radio. I still smile every time I think of it. Brilliant! In fact, I now want to do that to my van. Do you think your next book could include instructions on how to do that? Do have plans for anymore books?

Yvonne: If Dad had left instructions, I would probably have my own car wired up, but perhaps I could find out how to do that and publish it on my website ( And, yes, there are more books planned. I actually have one about halfway finished - a sort of challenge issued by a friend to try my hand at fiction - a good clean romance novel. Once that is done, (the new baby has slowed me down a bit), I hope to try my hand at another little inspirational book.

Me: I'm so excited to hear that. I'm a succor for romance novels (so long it has a happy ending) and can't wait to read another inspirational book written by you. I'm definitely a fan! Thanks for answering some questions and writing such a fabulous book!

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  1. yvonne, you sound like you'd really enjoy a hike our family took by Flaming Gorge..mind the trail markers ;). I love the quotes, it sparked my interest in the book.

  2. Flaming Gorge is on my list of things to do!! yvonne

  3. This book has been on my radar. I really need to pick it up!