Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Meet Sheralyn Pratt . . .

Brilliant, funny, kind, humble . . . and a talented writer to boot!

Me: I loved your book! And after reading City of Angels, I thought Rhea the coolest girl on the planet. Which led me to wonder, of course, how much of Sheralyn is in Rhea? Seriously. If you ever came up against a real brute, could you take him?

Sheralyn: Well, it depends on how brutal the brute was. Rhea's kind of a fitness freak and she has some gymnastic skills that I have no claim to, but I did teach karate for 10 years and won national fighting title once upon a time, so I'm not helpless. Rhea, however, would have me crying uncle fairly quickly.

Me: Karate and a national fighting title? You're awesome! Remind me never to tick you off--or your dog for that matter. That's your dog in the picture, right? Somehow, I figured you'd have a large dog, almost like a small horse, with a name I couldn't even attempt to guess.

Sheralyn: It's like your telepathic while being completely wrong at the same time! Yes, she's my dog. The kind of dog that likes to tell horses or any other breed of animal larger than her where to go--with attitude (I think that's what your psychic vision was trying to show you). She's half border collie/half heeler, and answers to the name of SeBi. You can friend her on Facebook! (Oh, and me, too--click here)

Me: Well I was right on one count. I would never have guessed the name SeBi. I like it! And I've never befriended a pet on Facebook before, so this will be a first for me. I'm so excited to see what SeBi has to say. :) Speaking of animals, have you ever been interested in owning a goat?

Sheralyn: There you are with the telepathy again! I would totally love to own goats and rent them out to parents so they could eat all the toys little children refuse to put away. When they weren't at work, SeBi could boss the goats around the yard while they fought for rights to stand on top of her dog house. I see it so clearly in my mind that it seems inevitable that it will truly happen.

Me: Ooh, I had never thought of the toy-eating potential! What a perfect idea! In fact, I will happily be your first customer. Brilliant, I say. Simply brilliant. How is it you are still single? We need to remedy that. So, for all those guys out there who are dying to meet you and who will also read this blog (it could happen), what's your idea of the perfect date? (I write romance, so you had to know this question was coming).

Sheralyn: First off, *ahem* Hi, boys! I'm a Scorpio who enjoys mountain hikes, spending time at the beach (when I already have a base tan), and sitting in front of my computer for 14 hours at a time. As for my perfect date? I'm one of those rare girls not won over by the usual trappings--so my perfect date is doing anything that makes both of us smile and never want to forget. Authenticity is romance to me.

Me: How perfectly put. And you can thank me later when you meet your future hubby because of this interview. :) Speaking of futures, where would your dream retirement home be located?

Sheralyn: Oh, wow. I hadn't thought that far ahead at this point. I guess my first hope is that there wouldn't be any signs on the property that actually read "Retirement Home," but a rural life about a hour away from a city would probably be a good fit for me. I like land, animals, and an onsite fire pit (required). Yeah. I'm that simple.

Me: LOL! Sounds like my kind of retirement too, although I would need a house to go along with it. And maybe a beach, like the ones you describe in your book. I have to say that some of my favorite scenes from City of Angels were Rhea's encounters with the missionaries (laughed so hard--and out loud, which is unusual for me). Did you dream them all up or did they come from personal experience? I was so impressed!

Sheralyn: Yay! Those were fun scenes to write, but I feel I really can't take credit for them. Rhea has very distinct way of telling me her story, in that she shows me a scene over and over and over again until I write it, just so I can think about something else for a change. It's like I'm transcribing a movie only I can see. Does that make sense? The one thing that did come from my experience is THE OOK of RMON, where the sweat from Elder Wright's hands rubs off the gold lettering on the book he gives her. I think any missionary who's carried the same book for more than a day knows how easily that lettering comes off, so that was my personal contribution of realism to the scene.

Me: Love it, and I can't wait to read more about Rhea. City of Angels is only the first in a series of four, right? What are the others and when can I get a copy? (Please say soon! I'm not very patient.)

Sheralyn: As luck would have it, I cater to the impatient. Book 1 comes out this month and book 2 is right behind it in August. Book 3 hits in October and #4 in December. And yes, these are all 2010 dates, so happy reading with little waiting (I'm not good at waiting either)!

Me: Yeah! Not to mention, WOW! I'm thinking you deserve a good, long vacation after this year. Just be sure to take a laptop along so you can write your next series. :)

For more information on Sheralyn Pratt and the fabulous Rhea Jensen series, you visit her website at: www.sheralynpratt.com

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Unveiling . . .

Such an exciting day for me. I was just sent the cover for my next book, and I have to say that I love it! Thank you, Tanya and Cedar Fort! You guys are amazing!