Monday, November 29, 2010

And the Winners are . . .

Congratulations to our Gratitude Giveaway winners! (Randomly drawn from

Santa Maybe
Linda Henderson

City of Angels
Tara W.

The Canticle Kingdom
Martha E.

The Write Planner
Laura H.

Emails have been sent to the winners. A big thanks to everyone who entered and to Kathy for organizing such a fun giveaway hop!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Gratitude Giveaway Blog Hop is Here!

Welcome to the Gratitude Giveaways Blog Follower Appreciation Hop!

Thank you for being a blog follower! From now until Sunday, November 28th, over 175 blogs have joined together to bring you this awesome giveaway. Hopefully you can find time during the next 12 days to visit each blog and enter each giveaway.

Enter to win one or all of the following:

Santa Maybe
by Aubrey Mace

With a successful bakery to run, super cute nieces and nephews to spoil, and plenty of good friends to keep her company, Abbie s not about to start crying over the fact that she s doesn't have a boyfriend to spend Christmas with. But when her sister convinces her to write a note to Santa, Abbie has no idea that a little Christmas magic is about to land her the man of her dreams. Or rather, that man is about to land smack dab on the floor in front of her Christmas tree with no memory of how he got there.

Now Abbie and Ben have to figure out where he came from, who he really is, and if he s actually available.

City of Angels
by Sheralyn Pratt

Rhea Jensen is your typical twenty-something single girl if by typical you mean a private investigator who studies ways to escape from handcuffs while waiting to take down another serial sleaze. But when a seemingly open-and-closed embezzlement case goes awry, her on-again-off-again boyfriend starts fooling around behind her back, and some Mormon missionaries stop her on the street during a stakeout, Rhea realizes her life is anything but typical even by her standards. This exciting first installment of the Rhea Jensen series by Sheralyn Pratt boasts a fair bit of suspense, just enough romance, and a whole lot of heart. City of Angels is a great read for the amateur detective in all of us.

The Canticle Kingdom
by Michael Young

It seemed like ages since Kate's father went off to war, and she is eager to thank him for the beautiful German music box he sent for her birthday. But when it starts playing a strange, new melody and Kate vanishes into thin air, Captain Edison is willing to do anything to rescue his little girl.

When the Canticle Kingdom is attacked and the queen falls deathly ill, Joann, a young blacksmith's apprentice, learns a terrible secret - the kingdom is contained
entirely within a music box in another world.. With the help pf his friends, Johann races to bring aid from that other world in an effort to stop the dark power that threatens to destroy them all.

Enter a beautiful world full of magic, danger, loyalty, and bravery in The Canticle Kingdom, and discover that even the most ordinary objects and people might be hiding something truly wonderful inside.

The Write Planner
by Writing Remedies

Introducing The Write Planner, a 12 month day planner designed especially for writers. Its convenient 5x7 size is perfect for everyday use, but comes loaded with features to keep you focused on your writing.

Check out more great giveaways from all the participating blogs:

Monday, November 15, 2010

The Write Planner by

If you're a writer, or have always wanted to write, a friend of mine has created the perfect planner designed just for you . . .

Introducing The Write Planner, a 12 month day planner designed especially for writers. Its convenient 5x7 size is perfect for everyday use, but comes loaded with features to keep you focused on your writing.

  • Sturdy Cover with inside pocket
  • Weekly motivating quotes
  • Full 2011 Yearly calendar
  • Monthly Calendars
  • Weekly layouts with daily goals
  • Monthly writing goals
  • Card stock dividers
  • NaNoWriMo tracking sheet
  • Track your progress
  • Visual progress bars
  • New contacts
  • Critique group info
  • Notes
  • Upcoming conferences
  • Built-in Ribbon bookmark
Check it out here:
Enter to win a free one here:

Friday, November 12, 2010

9 Book Review Blogs Feature "Best I've Read 2010"

As taken from BIR2010's blog:

We are comprised of 9 blogs that have each selected authors and books that made their "best read" list this year, and now we will share these titles with you. The event will include author interviews, guest posts, character interviews, excerpts, and some really, really, and I mean REALLY amazing giveaways. I'm talking huge prize packs from some of the most sought-after books of the year.

BIR2010 will run from December 6th through December 14th. Every day each blog will have multiple postings from and about authors and their books with giveaways galore. This site will be your guide to what each blog will be doing each day and will make it easier to keep track of your favorite books and authors.

In addition to all of the giveaways on the individual blogs, there will also be a GRAND PRIZE GIVEAWAY on this blog.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

What's Cookin'?

It's not that I hate cooking, it's more that I despise thinking about what to cook. If I were more organized, I'd plan out a menu, maybe even shop for actual ingredients so I have them on hand. And there are some weeks I'm determined to plan. I pull out a pen from my disorganized draw, rustle up some scratch paper, and sit down with some recipe books or But then I realize I'm back to where I started and actually have to decide on something to make.

Will it really taste good? Will it be a major pain to make? Will my children hate it? (the answer to this is almost always yes) Will I take the time to write down the ingredients I need for the recipe and actually remember to buy them? (the answer to this is usually no).

At that point I toss the pen aside and hope inspiration will strike the next day by 4:00. Even 5:00. Why can't I be more like those amazing people out there who love to cook, love to try new recipes, or love to make up their own recipes? I suppose it's not in my genes. Maybe someday, if I watch enough cooking shows or read enough recipe books. Maybe. At least that's the hope.

The good news is that not all of the cooking genes passed me by. I do love to bake! Perhaps we should start having dessert for dinner.