Monday, January 3, 2011

**GIVEAWAYS Galore** New Years Reading Resolutions Blog Hop

Welcome to the New Years Reading Resolutions Blog Hop!

Thanks for stopping by! From now until Saturday, January 9, some awesome blogs have come together to bring you some great giveaways. Hopefully you can find time during the next 12 days to visit each blog and enter each giveaway.

Feel free to enter one or all of the following:

33 Habits of a Really Good Man
by Yvonne Swinson

Bill Wells wasn't a famous man, but he left an invaluable legacy for those who knew him. He lived his life by a few simple words of wisdom-recorded in a little black notebook-and taught his children to do the same. Now, with this collection of mini-memoirs, his daughter Yvonne Swinson shares his legacy with you. 33 Habits of a Really Good Man includes Bill's favorite memories and experiences and shares ideas on how these habits can lead to a "really good" life.

Taming the Wind
by Michelle Thompson

Claire's life will never be the same. After a horrific car accident takes the lives of her parents and siblings, fifteen-year-old Claire's dreams of becoming a soccer star are dashed, and she finds herself alone and without a home. Forced to move in with her estranged grandparents, Claire feels like her life is being blown by the wind and she has no idea how to make it stop. This heartbreaking story of one girl's struggle to find meaning in tragedy will draw you in from the very first page. Join Claire as she learns to embrace the winds of change and find love, faith, and hope for the future.

The Adventures of Hashbrown Winters
by Frank L. Cole

Hashbrown Winters and his treehouse club of buddies are well known around Pordunce Elementary, especially after Hashbrown's seminar last year on how to give the best show and tell performances er, presentations. But when Hashbrown accidentally crosses Hambone Oxcart, the death dealer of Pordunce, he'll need more than just the support of his friends to survive Hambone's wrath.

Join Hashbrown, Snow Cone, Whiz, and the rest of the gang in Frank Cole's hilarious debut novel of the trials and tragedies of fifth grade life. The Adventures of Hashbrown Winters will keep kids and parents alike laughing out loud, groaning in sympathy, and turning pages until well past bedtime.


  1. Not sure if I'm the only one with this problem, but the submit button wouldn't work for me for the second giveaway. I was able to enter the 1st and 3rd but not the second.

  2. Thanks so much for the awesome giveaways !! Have a happy 2011

  3. thanks, everything worked for me just fine

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  6. Thank you for the giveaway! Here's my tweet in case you want to see it. There's not a space for it on the form.!/Melanie_2006/status/23493827000016896