Friday, July 1, 2011

And Then There Were Two

So I've always been in awe of those writers who have multiple projects going at the same time.

How do they keep the characters straight?
How do they not confuse the plot lines?
How can they think about more than one story at a time?
And most importantly: Who in their right mind would do that to themselves???

And then it happened. To me.

I'd been mulling over an idea for a paranormal romance for several months and then suddenly, I had an idea for a romantic comedy. I became obsessed with two stories--because sadly, it really is an obsession. Any spare moment--sitting in traffic, making dinner, vacuuming, even watching TV--I thought about one story or the other, about the characters, motivations, scenes. I couldn't shut my mind off.

But which story to start with? Do I finish the rough draft of one before I can start work on the other? Or should I take turns?

No idea.

So I began with the paranormal since it seemed to occupy my mind the most. 60K words later, I hit a sort of wall, so I switched to the romantic comedy. Now I'm 40K into that one and starting to think more and more about the paranormal.

WHY??? Having two unfinished projects is driving me crazy!

So now what? Do I push through and finish the 2nd? Go back to my 1st? Or throw my computer out the window and hope that maybe I can actually cook a meal or drive somewhere without thinking about the lives of fictional characters?

Maybe therapy would help.


  1. I get so invested in a story that it's hard for me to write multiple at once (it's like my mind had a hard time unfocusing from my current story). I guess you should choose the one that you're most excited to write at the time, because that's going to come out in your writing. Then, when you get ideas for the other, just jot them down and save them somewhere, so that you can have them when you get back to that story.

  2. LOL Jinky. What a fantastic idea. :) Kaylee, as usual, you rock. Thanks!

  3. Isn't writing supposed to be therapy? ;)

  4. lol, good luck with that! I read multiple stories at a time without confusing the plots too much, so I'm sure writing it can't be too much different? right? Kaylee and Jinky have good ideas though :)

  5. My seven year old reads like four books at a time (mostly Babysitters Club) and I always think how do you keep them straight? I can't imagine trying to do it with writing! You go girl!

  6. Ha!!
    It's not til about 40,000 words that I narrow things down to one. And even then, it doesn't happen completely. Just let yourself bounce back and forth until you HAVE to finish one of them. Relax - enjoy the multitasking ;D

  7. Interesting. My critique partner SWEARS that working on two projects keeps her more productive. I can kind of see her point, I think.