Monday, September 19, 2011

And The Reasons For Critique Groups Are . . .

Okay, so I wanted to share some comments from a friend (the awesomely honest Braden Bell) who's critiquing my current wip . . . try not to laugh.

Really, I might take it personal. :)

Braden: "Did the morning threaten to rain?"

My thoughts: Yes, it did. Mornings can threaten, don't you know?

"You are so going to hate me, but can air be morbid?"

YES!!! Air can also be wise, witty, and pretty! Sheesh.

"A lot of people in this chapter are wearing holey jeans and dark t-shirts."

Okay, so you got me on that one.

"You're stretching high school voice to the breaking point."

Yeah, well, someone needs to tell high schoolers they need to broaden their vocabulary.

"Whoaa!!! Okay, you're pulling a serious Suzanne Collins Hunger Games thing here where she just bops the heroine on the head and has her pass out so time can fly by."

Me: What's wrong with that? Hunger Games was a best-selling series! Mmmm . . . maybe because no one passed out in my chapter. :)

"Whistled? Seriously?"

YES, whistled!!! What's wrong with that???? . . . . . Okay, so I'll take it out.

"Don't you mean astronomy?"

Maybe, maybe not. You'll never know. Okay, so maybe you will since I should have used "astronomy" instead. Kind of like the other day when I wrote "fairy" instead of "ferry". Woops, my bad. :)

And my favorite comment yet . . .

"Oh poor Matt, you had the misfortune of falling in love with the heroine, but you're not the hero! Sorry buddy."

Yes, poor, poor Matt. But I'm sure there's a girl out there for him somewhere.

And THAT is why I have a critique group. It's also why I love Braden's critiques. :)


  1. LOL! Hilarious! I always smack myself in the head when I get comments like that back. Which is often. I have quite a few "duh" moments in my own writing. ;) Thanks for sharing!!

  2. That. Is. Awesome.

    Some of my mistakes make me crack up, and most of them make me realize WHY I need good crit peeps :D

  3. That is awesome! Made me laugh. Thanks for sharing.

    Where exactly did you find your critique group? I've been looking for one for a while, even just a good critique partner.

    Any tips? I'm looking for one online.

  4. Man this guy is intense. He needs to get a life. I would hate to have him for a critique partner!

  5. That is awesome! Thanks for sharing :)

  6. Thanks for the laugh this morning! We all make crazy mistakes like those.

  7. hahaha, I just loved this post! The cartoon was great too.

  8. ha ha! You're a great writer and this book is going to be awesome.

  9. Ahahaha! A good critique partner is worth his/her weight in chocolate, for sure.

    By the way, he must be good because I just finished Minor Adjustments and I LOVED it. Well done!

  10. Ah, I need to read Minor Adjustments! Oh, and about the critiques, haha. I think his honesty is refreshing :)

  11. He sounds like my husband, the editor. After our son was born, he started editing the paper the nurse was putting the baby footprints on. And, he just edited my comment.