Monday, February 27, 2012

No Pain, No Gain

I know what it's like to be cut open, then sewed back closed. The anesthesia is so very nice, but once it wears off, recovery is zero fun. Probably the worst recovery I've ever had started off with a broken finger. Followed by two pins shot into my hand with a power-nail-gun, then yanked out 4 weeks later by a pair of pliers--and NO anesthesia. After that it was months and months of painful therapy to recover the movement in my fingers.

Not the funnest experience I've ever been through.

Which is similar to how I'm feeling right now with my current wip. One of the top literary agents on my dream list of agents actually requested my book last month--yes, my book!!! I was thrilled. Elated. Couldn't sleep I was that nervous/excited about it. Then, when I finally did hear back, deflated.

But the rejection came with some great feedback. Feedback that paralleled a few things some of my critiquing friends had also mentioned earlier, only at the time, I didn't want to cut my ms open to make all the changes it would take to really make it better. I ended up only applying little Band-Aids here and there to "fix" the problems. Bad idea. Especially since it lost me the chance to work with an incredible agent.

So, I'm going at it right this time. I've taken a good hard look at my book and am in the process of doing some real fixing, beginning with Chapter 1. It's a laborious and painful process, but I'm getting there and learning so much as a result. I've been told many times that even if a book never gets published, it's never a wasted effort. Which is 100% true. My knowledge has increased with each and every book I've written. But still, after all my hard work, I'd be very, very, VERY sad if nothing comes of it. :)



  2. Best of luck in this process. I hope you end up in a place where you'll be very, very, VERY happy. :)

  3. It'll be okay! Even the best authors get rejected before someone likes their book!

    Did you know that when The Beatles first formed, someone told them they'd never make it? Look where they are now!

    Rejection comes with everything, and it'll all work out! Good luck with editing, and let me know if you need a beta reader or editor :)

  4. My husband has the same motto, and has had the same thing for him; except his pin was through the knee. They had to have a heavy nurse lay on top of him when they removed the pin in the office! I could hear his scream in the hallway! He has constant pain from a head injury that also injured his leg. He continues to try and try and try for everything and work through the pain!
    Kudos to you for being so positive!I am sure you will find reward for it!!

  5. Oh I can't even imagine! The work that goes into writing a book is so...can't even find the right word, probably because I don't write books, lol. Keep working on it and I'm sure you'll find much success!

  6. It's so hard getting feedback where you realize - okay. This is major rewrite, but you think - wait. I COULD just tweak, and that gets it close.

    NEVER works.

    Good luck with it! It's been FOREVER since I've been over here!

  7. Good luck with your rewrite. That is so tough. It's funny if you think back to when you first started writing. You probably never imagined that book getting published, but once you've had one (or more) published it becomes very hard to give a book up just as a learning experience (without publication). But it's true, we learn with every book.

  8. I so needed this advice today. I have a mss I love that got rejected by DB. I know it needs fixing but I kept telling myself how perfect it was and that if I slap little band-aids it would be fine. You're right though--it probably needs surgery.

    Thanks for the reminder.