Monday, September 18, 2023

Cover Reveal!! SIX MISSIVES

I was supposed to have this book out over a year ago, but unfortunately life got in the way. (Mostly great things but a few not so great.) Now, however, I'm thrilled to finally announce this book will soon be released. For those of you who remember Five Kisses, this is another installment in that series (At Home in Brighton).

Hopefully it will have been worth the wait!

(coming the beginning of October 2023)

Chelle despises Mr. Bancroft, founder of a competing school for young ladies. Already he’s lured away two teachers and seems intent on bringing ruin upon her school, all while the headmistress is away. Though Chelle has never met the man, the few missives they’ve exchanged have told her exactly the sort of person he is: a complete blackguard.

When the pair encounter each other as strangers one evening, they form an instant connection.  Intent on romancing Chelle, Mr. Bancroft (whose real name is Sir Miles) eventually learns that she is Miss Ellington—the one teacher he had hoped to lure away. Unfortunately, she’s as loyal to her school as she is unwilling to forgive.

Now he must do the impossible—find a way to soften her opinion of Mr. Bancroft while  keeping her from despising Sir Miles.

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