Monday, September 18, 2023

SIX MISSIVES is now available!

I'm relieved and thrilled to announce that Six Missives (from my latest At Home in Brighton series) is now available! This book is embarrassingly behind schedule (if you read the author's note at the end you'll understand one of the reasons why). The others are laziness, busyness, lack of motivation, etc. Mostly laziness. My brain has been feeling weary of late. But the book is finally here, and I'm super happy to share Chelle's story with you (best friend from Five Kisses). She's bold, saucy, and so very human (like us all). Here's hoping you enjoy! 

Six Missives

MISS MICHELLE ELLINGTON despises the founder of a competing school for young ladies. Already, he has lured away two teachers and seems intent on wreaking havoc upon her school, all while the headmistress is away. She’s never met the man, but the few missives they’ve exchanged have told her exactly the sort of person he is—an underhanded cad. 

 Sir Miles Wentworth made a promise to his dying father and is driven to succeed. He'd be well on his way if only he could entice the reputable Miss Ellington to leave her current position and work for him. Unfortunately, her frigid reply makes it clear that his school would be the last place she’d ever seek employment. 

 When the pair encounter each other as strangers one evening, they form an instant connection. Smitten by the mysterious woman, Sir Miles sets out to romance her. What he soon discovers, however, is that the woman he is falling more in love with every day is the same woman who would like to make mincemeat of him. 

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